Prepare Your Property For Listings & Viewings

Once you have decided to put your house or apartment on the market it is crucial to take some time to give it a nice face-lift in order to appeal to possible buyers. The sale of your property is counting on the first impression, so do it right!

If you are a serious about selling then keep in mind a few things that will help when listing your property and having successful viewings.

Cut the Clutter

One of the most important things is to cut down on clutter. This does require patience and time but once done will make a world of difference in the eyes of the buyer. It is fundamental to make it possible for the buyers to imagine their own style within the property. Taking away the clutter and leaving a property like a blank canvas, will help to do just that. Take away the hundreds of family photos, the fridge magnets from all your travels, all the magazines and books etc.

Furniture also causes clutter in the home, therefore it is advisable to review the furniture and remove any extra furniture to create more space and make the rooms appear bigger.

Remove what you love

If you are selling your house or apartment furnished then one very important thing to do before a viewing is to remove any of the things that you would like to keep and bring with you after you sell. Believe it or not, small issues like a TV you wanted to keep, can cause great problems during the selling process and in some cases can even cancel the purchase. If there is anything you would like to keep, take it away straight away instead of having to explain later that it wasn’t meant to be part of the sale.

Repairs and paint

Minor repairs will make a major difference. Attend to any repairs around the house and make sure that they are fixed. Broken drawers, leaking faucets, missing handles or tiles create a bad first impression; make sure that you change that.

Refresh your house or apartment with a new coat of paint where required. The perfect choice is a neutral color that reflects light and makes spaces appear bigger and brighter. Light is a big part of the important first impressions, buyers are put off by dark rooms and places.

Remember that an unusual color that might be a hit for you can be a total miss for the buyer. The trick is to keep the property as neutral as possible so the buyer can imagine their own style within the property; a bright green wall will not do that, in fact one of the biggest turn-offs when searching for a property to buy is weird color schemes.

Beware of the kitchen and bathrooms

Research has shown us that the biggest stumbling blocks for home sales are dirty kitchens and bathrooms. These are both critical areas as they are the two most personal and well used areas of the house. It is important that buyers can imagine themselves and feel comfortable in the areas. Lack of cleanliness will cause a real barrier.

The kitchen should sparkle like a diamond and have a clutter-free counter. Why not place some kitchen plants on the windowsill or counter to give a nice, homey touch?

As for the bathroom, make sure all toiletries are put away and that the toilet, bath, sink and mirrors are impeccable. Roll clean towels on a rack, put a new toilet roll in the holder, add some scented candles for a nice scent and you will be good to go!

Get it right, get it sold!

These are the major areas that need to be looked at when listing your property and for preparing for a viewing. Keep in mind that it’s just as important to consider these things when putting your property on the market and listing with a real estate agent. After all the real estate agents first impression will be a crucial point in marketing your property to potential clients, so get it right from the beginning.

A few tricks:

  • When listing your property or preparing for a viewing make sure you have fresh flowers in as many rooms as possible. You can’t go wrong with fresh flowers!
  • Mirrors. Replace some of the paintings with mirrors to create light and make the property seem bigger.
  • Bed sheets in satin or silk will give a luxury touch to any bedroom.
  • Tidy and organize your closets. Buyers will open personal spaces such as closets to check for space.
  • For any viewings it’s essential that the home smells fresh. Make use of those scented candles or bake a cake!
  • Don’t ignore the exterior! Mow the lawn, clean the driveway, and trim the hedges.
  • For a viewing ask your neighbor to look after your adorable pooch. Some people can be allergic or even scared of dogs/cats. Better safe than sorry.

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